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Thanks for visiting my site. As you can probably tell, I'm a car entusiast. I originally only bought antique cars, but have broadened my horizons and now buy newer muscle cars as well.

My current favorites are my 59's (Desoto and Dodge) and my Camaro collection (Anniversary editions).

Occasionally, I have some of my cars for sale. If I do, they will be listed in the "For Sale" section.

My first "old" cars - Adventures and Learning Experiences My first old car purchase was a 1941 Buick Special 4-door Sedan that I bought for $500.00. It was a car that had style, but needed a tune-up, clutch and paint among many other things. After a year and several hundred dollars later, the car was sold for a loss – hopefully not a forecast of my car-buying future.

My next car purchase was a 59 dodge Cornet 4-door Sedan bought at a local estate auction for $250.00. Thought the car was a steal….little did I know at the time it was a money pit. However, we had many memorable “adventures” in it.

The car needed a new paint job so badly that the wife and kids wouldn’t even ride in it – didn’t want to be seen with the old man in the “hunk of junk”! After a gold and white paint job I finally convinced them that the car was worth riding in….at least I thought. On one of our adventures, the kids were riding in the back seat of the car (no seat belts) and started complaining that there was smoke coming from the floor. Not sure if they were telling the truth or another tall tale, we pulled over and sure enough had to extinguish a fire that had started in the floor board. As I investigated the cause of the fire I noticed that a hole had rusted out in the floor board and the muffler had ignited the floor mat.

A similar incident happened while I was driving Main Street and pushed the gas pedal – straight through the floor board! As much as I had enjoyed the “Flintstone’s” cartoon, I was not about the poke my feet through the floor to “manually pedal” my way home. After that, my car care kit consisted of bailing wire, scrap tin and miscellaneous cutting tools.

These were the first of probably 100 “old cars” that I’ve owned. Currently I have about eight cars that I personally drive. At one time in 2004, I owned 17 cars – too many to keep up with! And way too many for the wife to accept! Luckily I love my wife more than cars – so most of the cars had to go!

Please feel free to look at my collection and thanks for visiting!

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Currently there are no cars for sale.